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Partnered 2020 - University of Arkansas

We are excited by this partnership, as the provided meteorite collection and support material will travel amongst three different states! The dedicated and knowledgeable Dr. Barth travels Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri on his mission to spread STEM education far and wide! We are happy to be along for the ride!

Dr. Barth's "Astronomy For Educators" book is available for free at:

Educators, parents and students who would like to contact Dr. Barth can do so at:

Dr. Barth is Clinical Assistant Professor of STEM Education at the University of Arkansas; he is a former Assistant Professor of Astronomy and Physics (Mt. San Jacinto College - 8 years), and worked as an instructor of Physics, Astronomy, and Chemistry at the secondary level in California (28 years.) Dr. Barth is an active author, his works include: Astronomy for Educators (2018), the Maurice on the Moon Series (4 books, 2011 - 2017), he also writes the STEM Corner column for Sky's Up Magazine and other publications. Dr. Barth holds a PhD in Science Curriculum and Instruction from Claremont Graduate University (2007); his graduate work in physics (Cal Poly, Pomona) and education (Claremont), and undergraduate work in physics and biology (Eureka College) also inform his teaching and writing. Dr. Barth's educational research and writing are primarily focused on Low-Cost Science methodologies, ESL teaching and inclusion strategies for STEM classes, and teaching science through literature. Dr. Barth's STEM research experience includes: optical physics of DNA (Cal Poly), molecular genetics of oncogenes (CalTech), 2nd messenger immune response (Illinois State University), and aflatoxins (USDA Northern Research Laboratory.)

Credit: Daniel E. Barth | Faculty Directory | Curriculum & Instruction | University of Arkansas (

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