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TOPSS x Exploration by Yumna

1.     Life of an Engineer at NASA with Joan Marie. An interactive session with NASA Integration Systems Engineer was conducted where kids asked her questions about her experience of working at NASA, how they can become an astronaut or work for space.​​

2.     Ramon International Science Communication Conference. Panel Discussion: "Sci-Com Initiatives - Kickstarting Your Outreach Programs." Exploration was one of the panelist at this conference and we shared our experience of starting a science communication campaign in our local community.

3.     Space Mails. We are sending 25 free space mails to kids all over Pakistan. These mails contains a space-based comic book, bookmarks, some space goodies and a handwritten note for space enthusiast kids to motivate them and give them hope!

4.     Altaf Mehood Foundation Visit. This foundation is a foster home for 25 students who belong to underprivileged areas of Pakistan. Visiting them is always a pleasure! Kids learned about space rocks and saw all the meteorites we have.

5.     Interview with City 42 News Channel. 

January 2021: List
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