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TOPSS x Exploration

1. Paid one month rent for office space.

2. World Space Week 2020: I took the Skywatcher telescope up in the northern areas on a tour, looked at the night sky that was completely different from what is seen from a city. A little observation session was done with family at Islamabad on my way back from the tour. We saw the Moon and Jupiter.

3. I was a guest speaker at Air University, Islamabad. The talk was attended by almost 100 students and other officials at the university. It went really well as my first talk at a university. It motivated a lot of students. I was the only female speaker here. All the men standing with me were professors at the same university or other. It was a huge deal to share the same stage with them.

4. Science on a Sphere - Virtual tour to Space Foundation Museum (USA) was conducted. More than 20 deserving kids from a trust school joined this session, for free. Their sessions are always sponsored by Exploration. In my personal opinion, those kids are brilliant and deserve every opportunity. Pictures can be seen here.

5. Blue Moon Night Sky Observation - This event was my first ever astro- entertainment event which was less educational, people enjoyed looking at the moon & Mars at a drum circle. Photos can be seen here.

6. Space Mails from Planet Yumna has been restarted with a new spirit! I am clearing the stock that I have, some space based comic books. I have started mailing these books to space enthusiast kids all over Pakistan, completely for free! One of the parents wrote a beautiful response too. You can read it here.

October 2020: List
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