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TOPSS Announces First AISES Recipient!

Meet Tapaswini! She's garnered TWO nods from NASA for her astronaut habitation designs! She knows five programming languages and is passionate about physics and engineering! She is currently working on a deep-space hibernation chamber design, oh, and did we mention that she's 17?!?

Tapaswini is our first Advanced Individual Sponsorship for Exemplary Students, AISES, recipient and we couldn't be more honored to play a part in her journey! As she endevours to explore yet another science field, astronomy, we have partnered with her to open up new pathways to the marvels of the sky above. Providing her a new computer, software, textbooks, accessories and her very own remote observatory account from iTelescope, she now has the entire universe at the tips of her fingers! By walking with her, supporting her through remote mentoring and providing personalized expert insights, we seek to help her intellect truly flourish in her newly chosen field of study! We can't wait to see her change the world!

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