NWA 12887 Main Mass!

NWA 12887 Main Mass!

Special Botswana Sale!!! 100% of the sale proceeds will go to opening the skies of Botswana by way of a first-in-the-nation outreach program!

This beautifully formed ordinary chondrite, weighing in at 1768 grams, will make for a delightfully robust centerpiece in your collection! A favorite of visitors and students, this hefty specimen makes a perfect meteorite to both display and to hold! Explore more of the science behind this specimen by following this link!
Your purchase helps us fund our boundary-smashing STEM programs and opens up a world of exploration for students! It is through your purchases that new horizons in astronomy, chemistry, math and beyond will be chased by bright young minds! Thank you for doing a huge part in supporting humanity's collective future!
This specimen includes a certificate of authenticity. Shipping calculated upon checkout. We are not liable for customs charges or lost or stolen packages.
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    This sale carries a 15 day return policy, with the buyer responsible for return postage, packing and any other fees associated with shipping, as well as a 10% restocking fee. 

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