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TOPSS x Exploration

1. Live session with NUST Rocket Team. Topic: Space Science Curriculum Development and Role of Women in Space. It was a very productive talk, well planned. I enjoyed it.

2. A session with students of IIUI School, Gujranwala. A free, Zoom session with amazing, intelligent kids. I cannot travel to this city but online education system has made it possible to reach out to such kids.

3. A live session with NASA Engineer Joan Marie. It will be conducted in January.

4. Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction on 21st December - Night Sky observation. (Very few people due to COVID-19)

5. 20 space mails sent to kids from Planet Yumna, for free.

6. A visit to orphanage by Zuha, Waduha Foundation scheduled for January.

7. Guest Speaker at IAU telescope winners on 6 December.

Happy Holidays!

December 2020: List
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