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Your Choice Today, Their Future Tomorrow

Young eyes, peering deep into the night sky, filled with wonderment as their brains dance with fanciful possibility. That captivating moment that seizes our souls and forever ties our gaze upward, into the bespeckled void, can live on long after you have left. The investment made today in the lives of the children who explore the darkness of the night sky will forever open up new possibilities as the generations pass on their love, hopes and dreams. Your legacy, your choice as you plan how best to apply the future of your assets, will be one of greatness. 

From setting the spark in the youngest of students to supplying our seasoned 12th graders with advanced research opportunities, we cannot hope to accomplish anything without the generosity of the world at large. It is a beautiful truth that it be tied together like that. For the very race to live amongst the stars is a human race. Not split by borders or ideology, uncaring of physical appearance or choices. It is a human need that we work together and find our way off this rock. It is imperative that we inspire, grow and work collectively, sharing our passion, drive and intellect! For it is in the diversity of our future and upon the shoulders of those who lift us up, that we will truly flourish as we take our destiny in the skies above!

Please contact us with any questions that you may have as you set about the task of estate planning. We look forward to building a legacy together with you! 

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