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Partnered 2017 - Wilton, Iowa

From Pre-K to 12th grade, we have partnered to bring the students and community an observatory that is second-to-none it this arena, lecture series, meteorite labs, hydroponics labs and developmental plans that span more than a decade. This flagship district will lead the way globally in space-related STEM education for many years to come.


Partnered 2019 - Elizabeth, Illinois

Through a robust and unique partnership with PSF, we have been able to open new avenues to exploration, including lecture series, meteorite displays, destructive analysis clinics, with pathways that reach far beyond our fair town!


 Partnered 2019 - New Delhi, India

By providing access to affordable meteorite samples, the foundation was able to expand and improve an aspect of its robust educational outreach initiatives!


Partnered 2019 - Homewood, Alabama

By providing day and night astronomy capabilities, a meteorite lab and material and financial support for reading resources, their desire to pursue a more robust space-related educational avenue has taken flight!


Partnered 2019 - Kenosha, Wisconsin

Sailing the skies, exploring deep-space targets, getting hands-on with meteorites, doing advanced digital rocket modeling and even looking at the Sun! From concept to execution in under two weeks, this school's new Astronomy Club is ready to blast off into a bright new year of exploration, with decades more to come!

Full Moon


Partnered 2019 - Houston, Texas

"We would like to thank The Organization For The Proliferation of Space Studies (TOPSS) for providing us with meteorites and other educational tools through the sponsor a kilo program. These samples will be shown to inner city schools K-12 by two Latina scientists; Stephanie Suarez & Maritiza Montoya. Both are graduate students specializing in geochemistry with projects ranging from oil exploration to meteoritics. Both hail from Pecan Park, a predominately Latino and underserved area of Houston, TX. In addition to a similar upbringing, Stephanie and Maritza both felt passionate about participating in outreach at their alumni schools. Stephanie was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Progam to focus on outreach in addition to pursuing her graduate degree. One of Maritiza's goals was to become a mentor for other Latinos, and to show them what can happen when we reject the negative stereotypes that are often presented in the media. GeoLatinas has given her a platform to be able to inspire others to pursue a career in Geology. Having the support of TOPSS was necessary in our mission to inspire and diversify earth and planetary sciences. Our outreach work will help bridge the gap between academia and neighborhoods with low college attendance rates. Our first activity will take place at Jamie Davila Elementary School. Students created their own meteor craters with meteorites provided by TOPSS and piles of flour that mimic a planet's surface. 1st graders were able to see how the mass of meteors effect the kinetic and potential energies of bollide impacts. They accomplished this by varying the size of meteorites and heights they were dropped by."



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