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Unleash Their Potential

With our organization's unique tapestry of experience, dedication, industry contacts and generous suppliers, we are able to design and execute space studies programs for your students that will leave a lasting impact! We will work with you to uncork the hidden potential within your students and make a program that will have them coming back for more!

Upon request, we can provide references that will be eager to share the impact our programs have made on their districts! Feel secure in knowing that you are going with the best! 

Observatory and Space Studies Design: What We Do


Partnerships That Shape the Future of Humanity!

Wilton Observatory

Our roots are in Wilton, Iowa and the fruits of our labor can be seen in the successes and robustness of the Wilton Observatory! Spanning from pre-kindergarten all the way to 12th grade, every child is inspired and empowered through the application of advanced technology! Starting on the playground with solar observation and finishing with collaborative research in concert with global science partners, destructive analysis of meteorites, guest speakers and so forth, there is no limit to what the students can do! 
This project was made possible by the generosity of local and regional partners, including the Townsend Foundation, Leland Smith Foundation, Kent Corporation, The Community Foundation of Greater Muscatine, Exelon Corporation, Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated, as well as many private and individual donors. Through efficient design and global partnership development, we were able to execute this project at a cost far below expectations, delivering a product that will last for generations!
Contact us today to find out how we can bring this to you and leave a legacy of learning for your community!

Where It All Started!


For the summers of 2019 and beyond, exciting seminars on constellations and solar observation will be coming to the Wilton Library! With hands-on activities designed to captivate the minds and imaginations of all present, we will bring forth a program that will keep minds active and learning during the idle summer months! 
Whether it's a consultation or full program development and execution, allow us to assist you in creating programs that will create smiles and build brains!

Wilton Library Summer Programs


Rooted in friendship, our relationship with Quad Cities Astronomical Society has been a joy! Bringing to bear our collective resources and daydreaming of the many programs we can design, expand, develop and execute, the horizon for our two groups is being pushed daily!
With many more years than us in the Quad Cities area, the QCAS has a beautiful level of richness, diversity and dedication to public astronomy outreach and the expansion and involvement of youth in space studies! Together we look forward to bringing into the fold of space studies as many young minds as possible and opening avenues of exploration for generations to come!
Explore how partnering with us can add depth to your programs by contacting us today!

QCAS Partnership

Observatory and Space Studies Design: Testimonials
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