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TOPSS Statement on Financial Transparency

TOPSS Statement on Financial Transparency

We at The Organization for the Proliferation of Space Studies always seek to execute our core mission in the most innovative and impactful manner. This includes engaging with educators and educational entities around the world, sometimes providing direct funding. We believe the vast majority of humanity is comprised of good people. It is our experience that what connects us is vastly more powerful than what separates us. With that in mind, we also acknowledge the presence of unsavory elements spread throughout the world’s population. While these individuals represent a diverse yet miniscule group, their impact is felt globally and requires proper oversight to prevent their funding and spread. We seek to reassure our donors, supporters and regulators that the assets received and disbursed by the organization are from legitimate, legal sources and are appropriated and sent to entities who closely align with our core values, legal and ethical regulations. We will always seek to apply our funding in ways that support and inspire the next generation of great explorers.

In line with our desire for transparency, all of our disbursements to each listed partner will be made public and can be viewed on their respective pages listed under their Financial Transparency Statement. These listings will serve to show both where and how our money is spent, providing a clear picture for all seeking clarity for donor and regulatory purposes. We encourage all with questions to engage us and we will happily provide information in line with legal obligations and best practices.

Thank you all for your continued support and trusting us to execute our mission faithfully each and every day! We look forward to continued growth alongside all of humankind and we cannot wait to see what the future holds! Thank you!

Warm Regards,

Grant A. Harkness

President, TOPSS

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